• In Elm, you don’t have to pass through an argument if you’re just going to pass it to another function immediately:

    type Drink
      = Water
      | Cola { brand : String }
    mkCola : { brand : String } -> Drink
    mkCola =

    This is a weird/fun situation where the signature actually makes the code look more complicated. The signature seems to demand something, which obviously isn’t being received nor used in the method. But in reality, all that’s really happening is Cola { brand = "Pepsi"} which is fairly normal to understand.

  • Making tree lists in CSS is pretty cool, from Kate Rose Morley. I remember years a blog post like that would have to come with a long list of browsers that the trick did and didn’t work for. Now, I imagine all the ones we care about will work just fine. That’s progress!

    Just an off the cuff thought: we’d never be in this position of compatibility if the EU hadn’t gotten so upset about IE’s monopoly. They’d have no pressure or interest in making Edge. (Swings and round abouts though. The EU also gave us cookie banners.)

  • sed was behaving weirdly for me. Something about its OSX flavor meant I couldn’t get the right format. Turns out, good, ole perl could handle it just fine though.

    git show --pretty="format:" --name-only | xargs perl -i -pe's/Time.zone.now/Time.current/g'

    This was after running the Rails/TimeZone Rubocop autofixer, and then we decided that Time.current is nicer.

  • My studio space (“the factory”) has a shared wifi, but it’s very slow and broken most of the time. So I crossed my fingers and got an expensive 5G connection and hoped that the patchy coverage Nottingham currently has would only get better (quickly). Good news: it’s really quite fast. Right now, it’s 120Mb/s. I’ve seen it go up to 210Mb/s. The variability doesn’t matter to me too much, so long as it stays above a certain threshold. Bad news: the latency can be awful. 600ms, and sometimes much worse. I can do work calls, but it’s not entirely comfortable for anyone if it’s a back-and-forth discussion.

    I’m hoping this is down to the lack of masts in my area. I’m in a factory facing away from the town centre, where I bet all the masts are right now. 5g’s biggest touted selling point isn’t actually it’s speed - it’s supposed to be its latency. 1ms latency (to the mast, I guess?) is what people are excited about, but that only happens if masts are everywhere. Some councils are trialling putting masts in every street light, which I hope ends up being successful. (Huge win for councils who will be able to rent this space to the phone companies.)

    The model is from EE - “5G WiFi”, QTAD52E. It’s struggling with wifi at the moment and often has to been restarted. Oddly, restarting also sometimes increases the speed and qualitiy of the 5G connection too (which isn’t how I assumed a 5G connection would work).

  • I started a TypeScript project with real mixed feelings about it. What type of object is passed into your React powered onInput callback? Who the heck knows. The best I could do was thank the devs that TS still compiles, even with failures, so I could console.log the event and figure out what it was. Now, I just avoid having to refer to e.currentTarget.value and just use React Refs instead. You also have to guess at the type that has in it, but it’s a bit easier.

    Coming from Elm, I was fairly disappointed in how unsafe you can write TypeScript code, even with strict mode on.

    I’m really liking it now though. Given the posibility to start again, maybe I’d go with Elm though.

  • I’m really excited about music again, but I may write something longer about that. In case I don’t: I’ve ditched Apple Music and started using Plex to host my own music. Going great!