Well, well, well. My time at Altmetric has come to an end. Good news for job hunters is that my space is available to be filled. Altmetric was a wonderful place to be for the considerable majority of the seven years I spent there, and I know that their product is going to really blossom once they’ve sorted out some technical niggles.

There’s no plan to jump straight into another role just yet. I’m taking three months or so to work on my creative endevours. After that time, unless I stumble into success with any of my projects, I’ll be hunting for a place return to my Ruby developer role.

This month I’ve been working on a series of short pieces about writing. I’ve been working on them for probably a year but they kept being put away for months at a time. In the past week I’ve done a huge amount of writing for them, which I’m really pleased with. The downside of having left it for so long is that I want to change a lot of the older style. I’ll resist this somewhat as I really want to get them finished in the short amount of time that I have. They’re all quite personal pieces and so I hope the reader will forgive me for each episode having a differnet style or emphasis on the topic at hand.

With lockdown easing, I’ve been able to go to my Factory studio space most days. I love my space there, but I’m restricted to working exclusively from one position. Outside of ordinary times, there’s the communial kitchen that offers a nice break and even coffee shops or the library, but until then my space is all I have. I do have plenty of space in it though, so I’m testing the waters by adding in a standing desk.

After much searching, I finally found a reasonably priced printer. I may well have bought the last one, as it’s out of stock now. I’m excited to be making more zines and sending out print copies to those generous enough to pay for them. People were incredibly generous with my Chess Journal and I know they had trouble printing them. (Why printing remains such an uphill battle is beyond me.)

I also just like the idea of sending packages out more often.